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Come Golf with an Unforgettable Mt. Fuji View!!
Fujisan, sacred place and source of inspiration!
県内ゴルフ場、HPで海外へ 御殿場のベネットさん
Seasons Greetings!
Open Golf Tournament & Beer Festival


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Seasons Greetings!

Seasons Greetings 
from all of us here at:

Fuji Fun Connection

Golf Shizuoka

Golf Hakone

Junior Golf Academy of Japan

-We look forward to seeing you again in 2014!

Warm regards,

Bennett J. Galloway

Open Golf Tournament & Beer Festival

Mt. Fuji Open Golf Tournament & Beer Festival
Date: Sunday September 15th
Location: Gotemba, Shizuoka Japan
Entrance Fee: 15,900 JPY (for golfers)
Just a day trip is FREE..just register to save your seat on the bus!

For Registration Contact:bennett.galloway@gmail.com 
(first come first served)
Supported by: Golf Shizuoka and Galloway Golf Group
Come enjoy a great day on the links at Gotemba Golf Club here in Shizuoka Japan.
-We have a full sized bus departing from Tokyo to bring you to the event and back again.

Joining a Jr. golf tournament here in Japan has never been easier!

Experience the thrill of competition in a U.S. Kids Golf Tournament right here in Shizuoka, at the base of Mt. Fuji in the Gotemba valley! 

Compete with kids around the world in your own age/gender group on a course especially setup for kids age 5 through 18. 

USKG Local Tours are played on regular courses with adjusted tees matching children's age and gender to insure maximum enjoyment and fair competition.

Playing in a Seasonal Tournament or a World Championship Qualifier is fun and also gives your child the opportunity to be invited to the U.

Sakura Sevens Scramble

Date: Sunday April 14th

1. 7 Craft Beers
2. 7 flights/teams
3. 7 Chambers of Commerce (invited)
4. 7 Rules  (cart path only, Men on White tees, Ladies red, drunk people aren't allowed to drive carts, putters only on the greens, best ball team ball score only, have fun!!)
5. 7 is the maximum score on any hole
6. 7 Golf Jokes (each cart will have a print up with 7 classic golf jokes)
7. Players from 7+  different countries (Canada, Ireland, Japan, America, Germany, England, Australia, France, South africa, Switzerland, Scotland .

US Kids Golf Japan Local Tour Event

This is a regular local tour event and one of over30 Jr. Golf tournaments they host yearlyhere in Japan.

Date: 2012, 25th November 
Time: Morning 18 Hole players (3 groups) tee times from 10:00am and 9 Hole players (7 groups) start from 12:53
Location: Kagosaka Golf Club 121 Subashiri, Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka 410-1431
Tournament Director: Me..:-)

This event  is now full with a waiting list!! Great to see so much interest by the Jr.'s and their families.

Slowly Consider Fast Play

Slowly Consider Fast Play 

Nothing ruins a fun day on the course like slow play! It can kill your over-all experience and feel for any course regardless of how good it may be. Factor in some adverse weather conditions like heat, cold or rain and it becomes all the more unbearable. 

The below are some simple steps that every golfer should follow. And remember it's not about rushing your shot, just simply being ready when it's your turn. If you already practice the below, you are not a culprit or cause of slow play and thus help stop other peoples eyeballs from bleeding!

The North American Team takes the 10 Anniversary Mercedes Benz Japan Cup

The event report is out from the Mercedes Benz Japan Cup held last Friday. 

Mercedes Benz Japan Cup 2012. Golf near Tokyo, Japan

The North American Team takes the 10 Anniversary Cup! 
http://www.dccgolf-japan.com/report12.php The North American Team won the 10th Anniversary Mercedes-Benz Japan Cup played on Friday, 28 September at Atsugi Kokusai Country Club in Kanagawa Prefecture. The North Americans scored 74.09 versus Europe's 74.89, counted on the average of the 80% best net scores. 

Played in nice and warn weather, the tournament attracted 133 players, 68 for the North American team, 65 for the European Team.
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