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Come Golf with an Unforgettable Mt. Fuji View!!
Fujisan, sacred place and source of inspiration!
県内ゴルフ場、HPで海外へ 御殿場のベネットさん
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Open Golf Tournament & Beer Festival


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Golf Near Tokyo

県内ゴルフ場、HPで海外へ 御殿場のベネットさん

県内ゴルフ場、HPで海外へ 御殿場のベネットさん

-Let's Celebrate Golf in Shizuoka!!www.golf-shizuoka.com



「日本にはゴルフコースが 2500 カ所以上ある。各国の関係者やビジネスマンも訪れるのに、英語の情報発信がほとんどなかった」とベネットさん。外国人旅行者向けアウトドア情報誌のサイト「ゴルフ・イン・ジャパン」を知人と手掛け、昨年には県内の91カ所を網羅した「ゴルフ・シズオカ」をオープンした。

Open Golf Tournament & Beer Festival

Mt. Fuji Open Golf Tournament & Beer Festival
Date: Sunday September 15th
Location: Gotemba, Shizuoka Japan
Entrance Fee: 15,900 JPY (for golfers)
Just a day trip is FREE..just register to save your seat on the bus!

For Registration Contact:bennett.galloway@gmail.com 
(first come first served)
Supported by: Golf Shizuoka and Galloway Golf Group
Come enjoy a great day on the links at Gotemba Golf Club here in Shizuoka Japan.
-We have a full sized bus departing from Tokyo to bring you to the event and back again.

Getting Stoked-up for Winter Golf

Summer heat has left us and the leaves have all but fallen. Most of you are probably starting to think about retiring your clubs for the season and focusing on winter sports like skiing and boarding. For some of us it's not that easy to turn off the game, and the desire to tee it up lasts all year! In this feature we will explore the options available for the year round golfer as well as helpful tips for your winter game. 

I have been a snowboard instructor and regular member of the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors for over eighteen years.

Golfing Gold Rush in Japan

Golf with a Mt. Fuji View near Tokyo, Japan
Business is challenging here in the Asia Pacific region, so when you decide to take some time out to relax, nothing is better than a ready golf destination with a panoramic view of Mt. Fuji to get your Bubba on!Just a little over an hour from the bustling Tokyo city life lies an area rich with natural host springs, wide-open countryside and 91 of Japans 2,400 golf courses. The Gotemba valley in Shizuoka Prefecture is home to the southern half of Mt. Fuji and easily accessible from Tokyo by car or train.

Luxurious Golf Just a Pebbles Throw from Tokyo

A Pebbles’ Throw from Tokyo
Kawana Hotel & Golf Club
The Pebble Beach of Asia and Less than 2 hours from Tokyo!
Kawana Golf Fuji Course No. 15. Golf with a Mt. Fuji View near Tokyo, JapanIf you’ve heard rumors of a fantastic, mysterious hotel and golf links in Japan called Kawana, this is it. The Kawana hotel opened its doors in 1936 and features two of the finest coastal links courses you’ll find anywhere in the world. In its heyday the resort was a buzz with valets scurrying about in service of their cherished customers who comprised the most discerning of Japanese and overseas society.
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